Welcome to The Ubiquitous (yoo-BIK-wi-tuhs) Farm

Are you looking for tree-ripened, pesticide-free, fresh fruit delivered to your front door? 

Then you've come to the right place! 

The Ubiquitous Farm has sweet, seedless tangerines and juicy plums available for delivery across the United States.

We only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays so your fruit doesn't sit in a warehouse over the weekend. We will provide you with an expected date for delivery so you or your recipient will be expecting the package. We do this so that in locations where it freezes, your California Sunshine is not left out in the cold.

**Important note, if you do live in one of those freezing states, please ship to an address where someone can receive the package and bring it indoors before it turns to tangerine-cicles.


Check out our videos on You Tube:

Testing Tangerines for Sugar Content - This video was made on Dec 29, 2013. Our tangerines are just getting sweeter and sweeter now! Watch Candi use a Brix Refractometer to measure sugar content. 

Cutting Tangerines to Count Seeds - Watch Kristin cut tangerines to count seeds. Fewer than 6 seeds per tangerine is considered "seedless." Watch the video to see how many seeds our tangerines have (or don't have to be more precise).

Bully-Free Fruit - See the story of how The U Farm was shut out of the plum market in the summer of 2013 resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds of beautiful, pesticide-free plums.